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Fence Company Austin, TX

With Local Juggernaut™ we got to work for this fence company's online presence and traffic to their website. We got their technical SEO and site content on par for that growth. Helping them to grow from $1.3 million in 2019 to $2.7 million in 2020 (during a pandemic no less!)

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Personal Injury Attorney Dallas, TX

Using our Local Juggernaut™ System, we got their site optimized and created compelling content and the right backlinks to move them up in a very competitive city. This got them moving up the search results and got the phone ringing in just the first 3 months. They are now on track to keep increasing those numbers and needing to add another attorney to the firm!

Yearly Revenue from $4.6M to $6.1M

Roofing Company San Antonio, TX

With Local Juggernaut™ we grew their revenue by 32% with increased organic traffic from SEO Blitzes.Revenue increased by $1.6M in just 15 months! Over an 11X return on their marketing spend!!

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