Our Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blitz SEO?

An SEO Blitz follows the principles of blitz attacks, where precise planning creates a strategy of fast and decisive action. It’s a short time frame with quick deadlines where we get s**t done.

That thought process has been applied to Search Engine Optimization, permitting us to finish tasks lightning fast. And that means we quickly put your business in a postion to get a measurable return on your marketing dollars.

What makes Local Juggernaut™ blitzes better than traditional SEO?

Traditional SEO locks you into a monthly retainer. You’ll end up paying more and get less all while waiting longer to see results with traditional SEO.

Here at Local Juggernaut™, we have all worked in traditional SEO for years. And over the last year or so we had noticed that this method had become less effective for our clients and less efficient for us.

We began testing blitz (also referred to as scrum or sprints) SEO tactics and found there was a significant increase in results in a shorter period. This made it a no brainer for us. We are obsessed with getting the best results possible for our clients.

And we know that once you see the results of these blitzes you will want to do more with us.

No more wasting time and waiting for a tangible result for your marketing efforts.

Most SEO agencies want to lock you into a monthly retainer, but they will need to justify that retainer each month by either adding in busy work that is not going move the needle in your ranks – or slowing down on the work to stretch it out more.

**Dripping in content and links gradually for SEO used to be a good way to keep Google from seeing outliers, but now it is working better to strategically hit those power items (content & links) in a shorter period.

Why are blitzes better?

Blitzes are better because they help us to execute exactly what your site needs to get results and get it done fast and efficiently.

We are incentivized to do the very best work possible because you are not locked into a retainer. That puts the weight on us to get you results!

We know that content and links are what move the needle. That is why it is our focus and we don’t recommend all the useless tasks that justify a retainer.

Our only focus is to get you the results you need asap. We know that when you see the results you will sign up for additional blitzes. So we both have skin in the game.

What Blitzes do you offer?

Based on what your business needs, we have the following blitzes available:

Foundation Blitz (this is required for all clients as it sets the foundation for other Blitzes): We thoroughly research the data for your website, your competitors, as well as your available market. This is how we build an actionable SEO strategy that details how to dominate your competitors and get more traffic.

Content Blitz: Using the SEO Strategy we built during the foundation blitz, we create batches of highly detailed content briefs. Your team or our team then uses those briefs to create the right content that ranks.

Link Blitz: We dive into your existing link profile and that of your competitiors to find gaps and opportunities to get better links to your site. These links will help more your site up in the search engines so you outperform your competition.

GBP Blitz: We analyze your Google Maps listing (Google Business Profile) and visibility in your area, then attack those needed improvements, citations, and assets that can help get you into the 3 pack in your market area. Driving more prospects to your site.

Analytics Blitz: We access your Google Analytics and Google Search Console to make sure both are properly configured with both goal tracking and event monitoring set up. We also provide a reporting system so you can track the results of the link and content blitzes.

When will we see results?

We know you’re gonna hate getting this answer as much as we hate saying it…it depends.

The unfortunate reality is that it can depend on the age of your site, the size of your business, how long you’ve been in business and the size of your market.

Fortunately, the Local JuggernautTM Blitz system positions your business to get faster results since we work at a rapid pace to get as much work done as quickly as possible.

Again, unlike retainer-based agencies, we are not going to throttle our pace to justify a monthly retainer.

Will you write the content too?

We do offer that as an add-on. In the case you do not have the time or staff to write content yourself, we do have a staff of top-notch writers that can craft the best content based off the content briefs.

And we will publish to your site.

Do you do web design?


However, if you need a new website, we recommend our sister company GBC Digital Marketing. They are an award-winning web design company and online marketing agency.

Do you offer monthly retainers?


We use a blitz SEO model, so there is no retainer. However, we can if needed break the blitz pricing up into 2 payments. First payment in advance.

If you need regularly recurring work, we can schedule the link and content blitzes on monthly, or quarterly basis over the year to meet your specific SEO needs.

That said, we do not believe in the retainer model. It is our belief that many tasks in SEO are a one-time fix. As such, there’s no need to charge each month for work already done.

What is your pricing?

We work on a flat fee basis per blitz. Payment is expected before work begins on your blitzes. The fees will vary based on your exact needs.

These are our base rates for each blitz:

Foundation Blitz: $1,650

Technical Blitz: Starts at $1650*

Content Blitz: Starts at $2,000

Link Blitz: Starts at $2,000

GBP Blitz: $1,750 (per map listing)

Analytics Blitz: $1,250

*This price can change based on the size of your site, your specific market, and your SEO needs.

Will I need more than one blitz?

That will depend on your unique situation (your business, competitors, market area, industry)

A foundation blitz is a required blitz at the start of beggining of every client project. It is a comprehensive and thorough analysis of your website, your competitors, and your addressable market. This is how we identify any gaps or issues before creating your SEO Strategy.

How many link and content blitzes you will need depends on your current site situation, your market, your business goals, and your budget.

A lot of folks want to test out our services first. If that is you then you can sign up for a content blitz ala carte or pair it with a link blitz. Once the first one is done, you can just request more as needed.

We want to WOW you with our results, if we do, you will want to keep working with us.

The foundation blitz is only recommended once a year. We don’t require it for future years after doing the inital one, but doing so can help provide fresh insights to where you are after the SEO efforts and any new or remaining gaps.

**Most agencies that work on technical SEO issues beyond the first month either didn’t fix them all at the start or are just looking to justify their retainer.

Do you do any marketing services in addition to SEO?

Local Juggernaut™ is strictly an SEO Marketing firm. We specialize in SEO for Local Service Providers.

We are soley focused on SEO and getting more organic traffic for our clients.

Our goal is to stay focused on improving our tactics, skills and results so that we can provide the very best SEO for our clients. As such we do not want to dilute our focus with other marketing tactics.

If you need any supplemental online marketing services such as PPC or full sales funnels, we would again recommend GBC Digital Marketing as they are a full service marketing firm.

How do we get started?

Just reach out to us via the form or our contact page to book a time to speak with our team. CLICK HERE

We’ll take a look at your site before getting on a quick call to talk about your business’ specific needs. Then we can discuss the next steps if moving forward is a good fit.

Get Results FASTER with Local JuggernautTM

Get Your Traffic Projection Report

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Do you wonder if SEO is a good investment for your growth? Because we are here to tell you that SEO is not the right call for all businesses.

But you don’t want to wait 6 to 12 months into an SEO campaign to figure out how much additional traffic you are going to get.

Our Traffic Project Report is an easy to understand overview of how much potential organic traffic is available in your market area to tap into. It shows how much additional traffic you could get to your website with our Local JuggernautTM SEO Blitzes.

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